How do I look after my product?

All the materials we source are meticulously selected for their high quality and luxurious nature. Our leathers are natural skins that age in different ways which we like to see as part of the material’s charm. However, natural skins and delicate materials are sensitive, need to be cared for and can react to humidity or water. Please take care to keep this product away from damp surroundings, including rain and note that salt and other atmospheric agents may cause permanent damage.

Should your product get wet, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry at room temperature. We recommend that you keep your product away from heat, harsh light, materials that could transfer their pigments and oil or alcohol based substances.

Do not place your product in direct sunlight or heat as it may cause the colour to fade. Please store your product in its protective box or dust bag when not in use.

Calf hair

We take care to source the finest, softest hair calfskin for our bags. As with all natural skins, a small amount of colour variation is usual and you will notice that the hair will start to shed eventually, which is a natural feature of this material.


Canvas is a strong and durable fabric, but if rubbed continuously some colour transfer may occur. Please keep your bag away from heat and damp and store it in its protective box or dust bag when you’re not using it.

Colour Transfer

Please note that there is a possibility that colour may transfer from dark-coloured clothing onto pale leather. We recommend avoiding wearing bags made from pale leathers with dark dyed fabrics such as indigo denim.

Dégradé python

Our dégradé python is carefully hand-sprayed to create a graduated finish. As with all exotic skins, we recommend that you avoid heat and damp and store in its protective dust bag when you’re not using it.

Exotic skins

Bags made from our exotic skins are designed to last for generations and will develop their own characteristics over time. Eventually skins may crease or lift slightly as the material ages. Colour irregularities are also typical and colour may fade or transfer naturally. Snakeskin is particularly sensitive to heat and humidity, so exposure to direct sunlight should be minimised.


We only source the finest rabbit and mink for our products but over time you may notice some of the hair sheds naturally. Should your product get wet, we recommend allowing it to dry naturally at room temperature. All fur is specialist clean only.


Our glitter fabric is a man-made fabric and over time the glitter may shed naturally. This is a characteristic of the material but can be reduced by avoiding excessive rubbing whenever possible.


All hardware has been specially crafted from the finest plated metals but the colour may fade naturally over time. We recommend that you try to avoid contact with rain, heat, oil, grease and alcohol to prevent damage.


Our leather skins are tanned and finished specifically for us and different leathers have varying characteristics. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes that are natural features of leather. If leathers are consistently exposed to harsh light, the product may experience some fading. We recommend that when not using your product you store it in a box or its protective dust bag for safe keeping.

Metallic leather

We work with a famed Italian tannery to create our metallic leather by applying a delicate foil to the skin. You may notice a slight shedding of the metallic finish, especially if your product is exposed to wet conditions or worn against dark fabrics.


Our nylon is produced by an established Italian mill, founded in 1893 in Lake Como. Although this tough fabric is showerproof, we recommend you keep it away from excessive heat and water. Creases may develop with wear which is a natural quality of the fabric.

Patent trim

Colour changes or irregularities are a natural feature of patent leather and over time small creases may develop. Please avoid rubbing the trim against similar patent materials or fragile or lightly-coloured clothing, as colour transfer may occur.

P.U backing

On some of our styles we’ve added a flexible P.U backing to the leather to create strong, lightweight bags that don’t need an extra heavy lining. This technique uses extreme heat to fuse the fabrics together, so prolonged exposure to high temperatures could cause damage. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight and always store in a protective dust bag.

Silk & cashmere

Founded in 1946, the Italian factory that produces our silk and cashmere originally specialised in fine silk ties. Both the silk twill and light modal cashmere we use for our scarves are produced using traditional techniques and are marked and rolled by hand. Silk and cashmere are both delicate fabrics so may pill over time. To keep your scarf looking its best, handle with care and dry clean only.

Straw and raffia

Straw and raffia are natural products, so each one will have unique characteristics. Any embroidery or attachments will be delicate so please handle with care and store in a protective box or dust bag.


We use a double-tanning process to make sure the colour of our suede is as vibrant as possible. To ensure it stays looking its best, avoid contact with moisture and excessive heat and always store in a protective dust bag. Suede can be cleaned with a soft brush, but we don’t recommend using any chemical cleaning products. We recommend you take extra care when wearing with light-coloured materials to avoid colour transfer.

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